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          Legal Notices
          The website is opened and maintained by Techsheen Liaoning Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Techsheen Group"). Any browsing or material downloading from this website shall be considered as agreement to the following terms listed in this public notice. In case of any objection or violation, it is prohibited from browsing this website or downloading any material.
          Prohibition clause
          It is not allowed to infringe the property right and privacy right of Techsheen Group or any other party when this website is being used and anybody must not stop or try to stop normal operation behaviors of the website in any way.
          All contents on the website and their copyrights are owned by Techsheen Group. This website and all related contents are protected by international general copyright law and other relevant provisions. The materials on this website are banned to use unless a written approval of Techsheen Group has been obtained.
          The materials on the website may be detected with omissions, errors or typographical negligence. Any risks resulting from the acceptance of any suggestions, opinions, statements or information on this website shall be borne by the accepter himself/herself. Techsheen Group will never shoulder any responsibility caused by above-mentioned situations and it retains its right to correct anytime all or partial contents on this website without advance notice, including the terms in this public notice. Techsheen Group is entitled to terminate or suspend anytime some contents on this website.
          Governing Law
          The website is under the administration and maintenance of Techsheen Group in the administrative departments of the People’s Republic of China. All terms in this public notice must be subject to relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China. Any lawsuits caused by any use of the website must be handled within one year after the statement or any reason for changes of prosecution is made.
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